Release :
2016/5/25 BWR146 VA BWX3 vol.1
2016/6/1 BWR147 VA BWX3 vol.2
2016/6/8 BWR148 VA BWX3 vol.3

April 2013, We – SUGIURUMN, Nao Nomura and OSAKAMAN- started BASS WORKS RECORDINGS involving FUJIMON and VJ Takeno (sonic-r). At that time we had a difficult time ; Tsunami incident occurred, a low problem made night clubs in western region have to close by 0AM, and many vinyl stores closed…I don’t remember if I wanted to do something for that but there were many talented producers around us and they did express their own world at an each party and a label ; we had drunk, chatted, danced and exchanged information, but I clearly remember it would be cool if we have chances to do something together such as remixes or making music without any borders!! That’s why I launched this label. we didn’t have such a crossover label in Japan. So the aim of BWR is to become a hub so that everyone’s world view can crossover on BWR.The first things we promised were “ Release every week ” focusing on domestic artists and “ Carry on for 3 years ”.At the beginning, we were energetic, involving many people. But at the same time, we encountered with difficulties which we didn’t know before start. So this 3years were literally our late youth.We’ve run though for 3years, having released 142 titles by April 2016, having taken 2 small intervals to avoid being stereotyped and being old as we sometimes remembered this word, ” My job is to provide people dreams. So It would be over if I was thought to be miserly.” by a Japanese famous monk, Shionuma Ryojun. Since we are not proper socialists or being employed in social, we couldn’t reach today without everyone’s support. We are really grateful.From now on, we will continue to make effort, planning, being inspired, looking for cool senses and cool guys so it would be very glad if you support us!!
As our 3 year fruit, the finest compilation albums with super tracks selected from “100th titles~” are released 3 weeks in a raw. It is our alternative full throttle experiment!!
We, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS will never let you down!!
Big Love!!

2013年の4月にSUGIURUMNとNao NomuraとOSAKAMANの3人、そして語学堪能なフジモンとVJのsonic-rを巻き込む形でスタートさせたレーベルがBASS WORKS RECORDINGSです。
その時期は、東日本大震災後、風営法の問題がクローズアップされ関西のクラブは24時以降営業ができなくなったり、相次ぐレコード屋の閉店、なんとかしなくては!!と思って始めたのかどうか、正直思い出せませんがw僕らのまわりには素晴らしい才能をもったプロデューサーがたくさんいて、みんな素晴らしい世界観を持っていてそれぞれのPARTYやレーベルで表現していました。僕らはクラブで会うたびに最近どう?なんてお酒を飲みながら情報を交換したり、踊ったりする仲だったりするのですが、そこにプラス、Remixをしたり、一緒に音楽を作ったりするようなことがあれば素敵だなと思って始めたことはしっかり覚えています!! 新たな世界観を表現するレーベルというよりは、みんなの世界観が交わるハブになるようなレーベルが国内にはなかったので、僕らはそれを目指しました。僕らが最初に誓ったのは、国内のプロデューサーを中心に”毎週リリースする”ということと”3年は続ける”という2点でした。
BASS WORKS RECORDINGS、またしてもあなたの期待を裏切りません!!

BWX3 vol.1

01. SUGIURUMN / Higgs (Original Mix)
02. Branchie / Sinister (Original Mix)
03. OSAKAMAN / Colombia (Original Mix)
04. MASARU / Tube (DRUNKEN KONG Remix)
05. Jeremy Bass / Underground Disco (Original Mix)
06. Atsunori Murata / The Bassist (Original Mix)
07. Nao Nomura / Serenity (Sakiko Osawa Remix)
09. lefthandsoundsystem / doltz ver2 (Original Mix)
10. SUNSEAKER / 589 (Original Mix)
11. U:ICHI / New Asians (SUGIURUMN Remix)

BWX3 vol.2

01. SUGIURUMN / McQueen (Original Mix)
02. OSAKAMAN / Verify (Original Mix)
03. Osamu M & Hiromat / Play That Noise (Haris Remix)
04. Nao Nomura / Serenity (Original Mix)
05. 2Vilas / 1980 (Original Mix)
06. DJ REIJI / Niikappu (Original Mix)
07. DJ Shu-ma / What You Feel (Original Mix)
08. OMB, S.A.L Suzuki / Ohne (Original Mix)
09. YØSHI & SUGIURUMN / Into The Dark Woods (Original Mix)
10. SUGIURUMN / ACID 2 ACID (Terry Farley & Justin Drake NY After Hours Remix)
11. Satoshi Fumi / 4ever (Original Mix)

BWX3 vol.3

01. SUGIURUMN / Vega (Original Mix)
02. DO SHOCK BOOZE / Guy On A Magic Buffalo (Original Mix)
03. Izakaya Deployment / Osaka (Original Mix)
04. BBL / iDigweed (Original Mix)
05. PHAN PERSIE / View (Original Mix)
06. TOMO HACHIGA / Neuro Perc (Original Mix)
07. DJ YASHIMA & OSAKAMAN / Collide (Original Mix)
08. BBL / Kill You 2 (SUGIURUMN Remix)
09. Master Master / Anorak (Original Mix)
10. Lyoma / Caputured (Original Mix)
11. SUGIURUMN, Nao Nomura, OSAKAMAN / BWX (Original Mix)

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